June 15, 2018
It is true that Grover Arnett has always been successful at the practice of law, at least since he began practicing in 1989. After all, he formed the Grover Arnett Law Firm back in 1991, and from 1994-1999, he served as Magoffin County Attorney, where he had a reputation as an exceptional prosecutor, with a 95 percent DUI conviction rate. He also led a team that engineered the largest drug conviction in the county's history.

It is easily that experience on both sides of the legal field that makes Grover Arnett unique and that makes him an excellent partner to have in any legal situation, since he can see everything from all sides and anticipate everything that may come along. Because he is uniquely capable to see all perspectives of every case, he and his clients have a significant and very useful advantage over other lawyers who lack that experience. That means more successful negotiations with insurance companies and opposing parties, which leads to better settlements and awards.